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'The Passionate Patent'

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"I wholeheartedly endorse the Passionate Patent ("PP") as a quality, well thought-out, and brilliantly executed operetta about the joys and disappointments, the challenges and rewards, and the humor and satire of performing the roles of a patent attorney, an inventor, and a patent examiner. Based on a true-life stories and actual events of protagonists in each of these three roles, this operetta clearly illustrates the substantial expanses of sheer banality and mind-numbing patent application drafting, formatting, rejecting, and prosecution, punctuated by intermittent and painfully acute, heart-pounding and adrenaline pumping surprises of unsolicited changes, groundless rejections, and budget shortfalls in the view of looming deadlines. Suitable for the whole family, but most especially appreciated by the intellectually gifted and fine-arts literate who are at least somewhat acquainted with well-known composers such as Guiseppe Verdi, et al., this operetta is sure to entertain, educate, and disabuse budding law and engineering students, and their tuition-toting parents, about the pros and cons of choosing a profession. Even the seasoned patent attorney practitioner will enjoy the performance by consummate professional opera singers, actors, and pianist, despite the potential risk of painfully recurring flashbacks and relapse of psychiatric-dependent counseling. In short, this operetta is brilliant."

Chris Novak, Esq.
Registered In-House Counsel
MoSys, Inc.


"Santa Clara Law's students, faculty and staff enjoyed the lively performance of "The Passionate Patent". It was a great overview of the Silicon Valley inventor experience. The talented players provided a fun afternoon that entertained everyone. Great for patent geeks and opera buffs alike!"

Joy Peacock
Assistant Director
High Tech Law Institute, Santa Clara Law
Santa Clara University


"A delightful telling of the trials and tribulations and triumphs of an inventor and his patent application, set to opera classics, with wonderful humorous effects. It’s fun even if you know nothing about patents. And it’s short!"

Hans R. Troesch
Senior Principal
Fish & Richardson



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